Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Traitor Alert: Allen West thinks Israel's representation in the Congress is not strong enough

Seriously, we are not kidding here. The newly elected Republican congressman from Florida thinks "the Obama Administration has shown an unprecedented disregard for the sovereignty of the State of Israel." His proofs? The Obama Administration was "browbeating Israel for building homes in their rightful capitol" and "disrespecting Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House." Now how is asking Israel, recipient of more than $3 billion U.S. tax payer dollars a year and unwavering diplomatic support from us, not to build on stolen land - putting the lives of our soldiers at risk - disregarding the "sovereignty of the State of Israel?" In fact, one can correctly note that Israel is not respecting its own sovereignty by continuing to build on stolen land.

And do you know what is so traitorous about Allen West? He is unabashed in declaring his "commitment to Israel will rise above mere statements of support," making absolutely no mention of his commitment to the United States of America, the ONLY country he is supposed to commit to serve as an elected official.

How we long for those days when traitors like Allen West are sent to their rightful places: condemned to the gallows.


  1. Liberty,I think that Congressman Allen West believes that he can represent Israel and America together, but he is mistaken. He may change his views and I hope to see that his unconditional support for Israel is tempered by facts. I think he is misguided, not treasoneous because he has not shown that he will betray America.

  2. He already betrayed America by voting for the unconstitutional patriot act.
    He is just another traitor with empty words.

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