Monday, August 9, 2010

Look who's pushing for confrontation with Iran

Conflating Israel's interest with ours is a common strategy employed by Israel firsters, as we have illustrated here on numerous occasions. But this full-page Ad in the New York Times brought this fictitious integration into a whole new level: Stopping Iran from going nuclear will help us "cut our addiction to foreign oil, boosts clean energy technology, and moves our nation dramatically towards reduced energy dependence!" Naturally, these Israel firsters will waste no opportunity to bamboozle us into thinking that we share EVERYTHING with Israel: "foreign regimes that hold anti-American and anti-Israel sentiments," "threaten America's and Israel's national security, "reduced energy dependence is absolutely vital to our national security, to Israel’s safety."

Now who among us are pushing for this confrontation with Iran? Unfortunately but predictably, it's the who's who of major Jewish American and pro-Israel lobbying groups.

Philip Weiss of Mondoweiss wished he could say this was a canard, but he couldn't.

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