Friday, August 6, 2010

Elie Wiesel, the weasel

If we have to nominate someone as the biggest fraud in the Western Hemisphere, we can think of no one other than Elie Wiesel. How this weasel managed to win the Nobel peace prize is beyond us. But then again, if Barack Obama could win it for literally doing nothing, may be it is not too difficult to be a Nobel laureate after all.

Recently, Elie Wiesel weighed in on Israel's decision to deport 400 children of migrant workers from Israel. He told Haaretz he found it "hard to believe that such a thing is happening in Israel" and he wondered "where is the Jewish spirit, the Jewish heart and the Jewish compassion?" Amazingly, this is coming from someone who placed a full page ad in the New York Times, criticizing Obama's public spat with Israel over its projects to steal land from Palestinians in East Jerusalem for building Jewish housing. One has to wonder why Wiesel was not evoking the same "Jewish spirit, the Jewish Heart and Jewish compassion" when it comes to Palestinians.

Wiesel could not fathom how "such a thing is happening in Israel" even though Israel has been treating its Palestinian citizens like second class citizens for decades. In his eyes, Palestinians probably do not exist and they are a figment of someone's imagination, otherwise how can one who claimed Jews "would be more sensitive to the suffering of others" - because of all the deportations that fill the Jewish people's history - not apply the same "compassion" to Palestinians?

Seriously, every time we hear this Israel-first weasel speaks about "compassion", we feel like punching someone - him - in the face.


  1. "Elie Wiesel" is supposed to have grown up in a Hungarian speaking part of Romania. The odd thing is that he cannot speak Hungarian or Romanian but he speaks English with a Serbian accent. His entry card from Yugoslavia to France can be seen on the internet (without, however, any name on it). His real name must be something Serbian. It is very unlikely that he is even a Jew. He was used as a US ambassador during the Yugoslavian conflict, presumably because of his relevant language skills.

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