Friday, June 25, 2010

Let's not fool anyone here

Democrats' attempt to pass an extension of jobless aid failed as they could only muster 57 votes in the Senate against 41 nays, 3 short of the 60 required to prevent the Republicans from filibustering it. Other than a lone Democrat senator Ben Nelson who sided with the Republicans, this was voted right down the party line.

Contrast this with the passing of a conference report on sanctioning Iran by a vote of 99-0. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that it was necessary to pass the conference report that "will impose tough new sanctions on Iran," because "Iran has oppressed its own people, violated United Nations resolutions, challenged America and threatened Israel." Seriously, let's not fool anyone here. The reason why these lawmakers are so eager to impose even more sanctions on Iran is not because of Iran oppressing its own people, Iran violating United Nations resolutions or Iran challenging America. Iran being a "threat" to Israel is the ONLY reason.

Israel has oppressed Palestinians, violated countless United Nations Security Council resolutions, challenged America by disregarding our policies against stealing land from the Palestinians and building Jews-only settlements, and attacked its neighbors on numerous occasions, but why aren't we imposing any sanction on Israel? In fact, not only are we not imposing any sanction on this Jewish pariah apartheid state, we are giving Israel billions of dollars a year, arming it to its teeth and vetoing resolutions after resolutions against Israel in the United Nations Security Council. Can at least one day go by without these Israel firsters selling us out?

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