Thursday, June 24, 2010

Israel firsters not restricted to politicians

Based on who we have outed so far, you can be excused for thinking that Israel firsters are limited to politicians. Just to show you that there are Israel firsters in all walks of life, we proudly present to you an Israel firster from the "liberal" bastion known as Hollywood: Jon Voight. Mr Voight, one who never minces his words when it comes to his support of Israel, recently wrote an open letter to President Obama.

In his letter, Jon Voight claimed that Obama "will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people" about his statements on defending Israel. Jon Voight further claimed that instead of defending Israel, Obama has "propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone's enemy," thereby "putting Israel in harm's way" and "promoted anti-semitism throughout the world." This is what is so wrong with Israel firsters like Jon Voight because they believe that we, as Americans, are supposed to defend a foreign entity. For his information Mr Voight, when Obama, like all other Presidents of the United States before him, swore his oath to be the President of this country, he swore to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution. He did not swear to protect a pariah state that is hell-bent on ethnically-cleansing non-Jews from its occupied territories. Strangely enough, Mr Voight made no mention of the $205 million dollars that President Obama requested for and speedily approved by our gutless Congress to help Israel develop a missile defense system. Obama must be a really big "anti-semite" to have made this request: Taking money that we do not have - most likely borrowing from China - and giving it to Israel.

There is no better way to promote anti-semitism throughout the world than what Israel has been doing since its founding in 1948. Since Israel claims it represents all Jews, it is only natural for others to associate what Israel has been doing with Jews. You can't just go around occupying land, settling them with your own citizens, ethnically-cleansing natives while committing serious human right abuses without expecting to suffer the consequences of doing so. People like Jon Voight do not seem to understand that Israel is putting itself in harm's way solely because of its actions, not due to some unexplainable ingrained anti-semitism in gentiles.

This is the content of Jon Voight's open letter:
President Obama:

You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people, and the American people as well, when you said that you would defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies. You have done just the opposite. You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone's enemy — and it has resonated throughout the world. You are putting Israel in harm's way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world.

You have brought this to a people who have given the world the Ten Commandments and most laws we live by today. The Jewish people have given the world our greatest scientists and philosophers, and the cures for many diseases, and now you play a very dangerous game so you can look like a true martyr to what you see and say are the underdogs. But the underdogs you defend are murderers and criminals who want Israel eradicated.

You have brought to Arizona a civil war, once again defending the criminals and illegals, creating a meltdown for good, loyal, law-abiding citizens. Your destruction of this country may never be remedied, and we may never recover. I pray to God you stop, and I hope the people in this great country realize your agenda is not for the betterment of mankind, but for the betterment of your politics.

With heartfelt and deep concern for America and Israel,

Jon Voight

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