Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The exception

The primary mission here at Israel Firsters is to expose American politicians who are more loyal to Israel than the country they represent. However, for this post, instead of revealing more Israel Firsters - trust us, there are many more of them to be laid bare - we have decided to show you there are politicians with unquestionable loyalty to this country. One such patriot is Marcy Winograd, a Jewish lady who is running in the Democratic primary against the diehard Zionist war-profiteering incumbent Rep. Jane Harman in California's 36th district.

Recently, Marcy Winograd was interviewed by Jeffrey Goldberg, one of the chief propagandists for Israel. During the interview, Marcy made this comment regarding Henry Waxman:
I would hope that all of our lawmakers would pledge allegiance to this country as the country they represent.
Brilliant! It is so refreshing to have a politician running for office publicly questioned the loyalty of some of our politicians. Ironically, we only "discovered" Winograd's campaign on NJDC (National Jewish Democratic Council) blog post criticizing her support for a one-state solution. We immediately made a donation to Winograd's campaign after reading what NJDC has to say about her. Thanks NJDC!

If you want to elect more sensible and loyal politicians like Marcy Winograd, support her campaign now!

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